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This Month with the Lowcountry Creole Culinaire Supper Club

Join Chef Frisco for Cajun Creole Seafood Night

First Course


Lowcountry Crawfish Pan Cakes

Crawfish tossed in a savory pan cake batter. Pan seared toasty brown and topped with a Dill tartar sauce and a sweet bloody Mary cocktail sauce




Second Course


Oyster Rockefeller Salad

Roasted oysters in a half shell topped with aged white cheddar spinach topping served with fresh spinach greens tossed with toasted parmesan crisp, tobacco vinaigrette, cucumbers, and local heirloom tomatoes.




Third Course


Clam and Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish stew simmered to perfection with root vegetables, herbs, spices.


Cajun Grilled Alaskan crab legs

served with Pickled okra, sweet onions, Carrots, and pickled shrimp,




Fourth Course


Pecan cheese cake 

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